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Customer Loyalty Program

Once you are enrolled, points are tracked electronically in our database.
These points can be accumulated and used towards purchases.
This program is FREE and presented as a courtesy to our guests.

How do I get started?
Simply complete a registration form (active email account required)
and turn it in at our front desk. It’s that simple!You will begin
earning points immediately. Points are accumulated through everyday
transactions. In fact, we will give you 200 points for enrolling!

How much are my points worth?
100 points=$1. Points are credited to your account in our database
to be redeemed towards services and retail purchases.

When can I use my points?
You can use points at any time once you accumulate 1000 points ($10 value)

Don’t waste another minute! Sign up today and start earning!

Below is a list of how you can start accumulating points:
Enroll in Loyalty Program =200 points
Reserve your next appointment =100 points
Refer a New Guest =2500 points
Sevices (for each $1 spent) =1point
Products (for each $1 spent) =1 point